Seun Arise


Seun Akeredolu is a remarkable, resilient and inspiring woman of God! Seun has overcome several major setbacks in life and by the Grace of God, has emerged stronger and is thriving in all areas. She has a desire to use her unique life experiences to help others. Seun believes that women who have experienced setbacks can make a comeback and thrive so that their lives honor and glorify God.
Seun has a “God-given mandate” to help women arise, recover, and reign and her passion is to inspire hope in women who are dealing with loss, infertility, abuse, and other challenges. She teaches biblical principles that empowers her audience to get out of the rut and experience the life God has for them.
Seun Akeredolu is a medical professional who carries this same passion into her work. She seeks every opportunity to instill hope and encouragement in even the patients she cares for. She serves in her church in several capacities and is sold out to propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She lives in the Greater Houston area with her young children, Ivana and Isaac.